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Automatic Door Entry Systems Nova Scotia

Automatic Door Entry Systems Nova Scotia

Doors have more meaning to us than to be access points to the home or business premises. They augment the space and let people know the security level and comfort of the property. Doors are no longer a manual entry point because they have automatic systems that ease operation and improve security.

Access control systems in Nova Scotia are a convenient access point because you do not have to operate them with your hand, making them a better option for unpleasant surprises. The modern and efficient image allows better entry and has different settings to fit different purposes and architectures.

Types of automatic door entry systems

It would help if you had a basic understanding of different door systems to understand how they fit into different homes. This step will ensure you choose a welcoming door with secure and convenient access, as well as a positive impression for your business clients or home atmosphere.

Types of automatic doors

Sliding door entries

The automatic sliding doors have different styles like a two-way traffic feature that lets the door swing when you push it out during an emergency, a normal bi-parting that only moves to one side, or a single slide model that needs enough room to move across the entire space.

Swinging door

This door has two sections that swing inward or outward to allow two-way traffic. The swinging door works in different ways depending on the combination of sensors and mats that control the swinging action. The bottom line is that all swinging doors will vary in size, performance, and swinging patterns depending on the safety signage, guide rails, and sensors.

Folding door

The folding door has plenty of clear space that comes in handy during an emergency. The entire door has two or three panels that swing into a V shape when you fold the door. The exact mode of operation depends on the sensors, control mats, guide rails, and safety signage.

Benefits of automatic door entry systems in Nova Scotia

The benefit of the door entry system depends on the nature of its application, desired traffic flow, and the specifics of the application. Nonetheless, all residential and business security system installations with automated functions will have the following practical benefits.

Secure access

Automatic doors have a more complicated door opening system than manual doors; hence they have superior performance with multiple sensors and custom features. An example is that automatic doors can include in-built security features like camera sensors to only allow in people who match the database of allowed entries. Another perspective is it is safer to have sliding doors that detect oncoming traffic to prevent accidents of the elderly or young people.


Hygiene is of paramount importance now due to the Covid pandemic. Businesses invest in sanitization tools to ensure everyone who enters the premises has minimal risk of transferring the virus to surfaces and other people. The contactless entry system reduces the spread of the virus because people do not have to touch the handle all day long.

Automatic door companies can help you choose a door system that suits your style, building architecture, human traffic flow, and automated entry maintenance in Nova Scotia. Contact us online or call 902-482-0799 for a detailed consultation.


Automatic Door Entry Systems Nova Scotia
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Automatic Door Entry Systems Nova Scotia
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Automatic Door Entry Systems Nova Scotia Automatic Door Entry Systems Nova Scotia


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