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MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass has grown into a full Division 8 supplier. Our goal is to offer our customers a one-stop shop solution for their architectural aluminum/glass, aluminum glass doors and hardware needs. We offer high-quality automated doors and access control products from Assa Abloy Glass Solutions, Record, and Alumicor Architectural Aluminum Products. We provide package pricing that exceeds our customers’ expectations and have extensive knowledge that sets us apart from any of our competitors. We provide package pricing that exceeds our customers’ expectations and have extensive knowledge that sets us apart from any of our competitors. MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass installs and services all of Atlantic Canada with the above entry systems solutions. We are well-versed in all types of openings, including access control, that architects, general contractors, project managers, and the most recognizable entities in the region engage with. We don’t just decide on a price and leave it up to you to figure out the supplies. Instead, our staff members use their expertise to make sure that you, our customer, have a partnered relationship with us. We ask the required questions to ensure that you have the right product for your property. We can provide every possible electronic component to meet every theory of operation that you will ever need. We will even consult with you and advise on what is going to be needed for your end-user before the job is completed!

MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass has spent considerable time building direct relationships with manufacturers, which gives us a huge competitive edge. We talk with the manufacturers and hardware specialists because we service and install all of their products. We send our staff to their facilities and conferences to learn about the latest advancements, which in turn saves you money on your project. We take the responsibility because we need to be the experts, not just the suppliers. We are the certified installers and service providers that you are looking for. With us, you have a one-stop shop, one package pricing, and only one call to make.

MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass also manufactures architectural aluminum such as curtain wall, store fronts, aluminum entry systems, custom size aluminum doors with hardware. We fabricate products right in our shop with our state-of-the-art CNC machine. Our MGM design, fabricating and install team have over 80 years in the Architectural Aluminum Industry so we can handle any project you have. On time design, fabrication, supply and install on your schedule, MGM has the control to meet your timelines and if a change is needed, no problem as we can handle those situations in our shop, instantly. No delays or downtime for your projects as MGM has control of materials, fabrication and install if needed to meet your schedules.

MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass have welcomed their next phase which will change how Division 8 construction needs in Atlantic Canada moving forward is a state-of-the-art architectural glass tempering line. MGM now offers commercial builders, GC’s, Architects, Property Managers, tempered glass needs. Curtain wall, entry systems, aluminum glass doors, windbreaks, balcony, showers any design, shape, thickness you can need conveniently in their own back yard. That’s right, you can order you architectural aluminum and glazing at one location. No more waiting for glazing! ONE STOP SHOP, designed, fabricated, supplied and or installed. Atlantic Canada needs this, and MGM is going to change your timelines. No more excuses, no more inconveniences, no more extra costs that you endure because MGM has control of the materials in Atlantic Canada together. MGM will help keep your profit from shrinking, MGM will reduce the delays of the most sought-after building materials that can really affect your bottom line, your other subtrades and your building team stress. This is a major game changer in Atlantic Canada, bring us your drawings and MGM will bring expertise, the materials, and the solutions for your build so your building team has more control and less delays.

Our new Architectural aluminum fabricating and glass manufacturing facility. The facility is 21,000 SQFT, and will offer one stop shop for all building envelope Division 8 needs. Our national partners Record, Konica Minolta, Vitro, and Alumicor will have the ability to have MGM Architectural aluminum, MGM architectural Glass and MGM automatics supplied to our customers all over the Atlantic provinces.

MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass has learned to have a great business relationship. We have to deliver the right product, educate the customer, and to execute the delivery or installation so that you – the architect, general contractor, and project manager – has everything covered with little challenges. Your projects will be handled quickly and professionally which reduces your stress or concerns. We pay attention to details and help provide solutions that create a very strong relationship.

Focused on customer service for your architectural aluminum, architectural glass and automated door systems in Atlantic Canada

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