Architectural Aluminum Punched Windows

What Are Punched Windows? 

Punched windows refer to the style of architecture that has a window installation separate from others. This means that the windows look like they’ve been punched individually into the side of a building or house.


Benefits of Punched Windows?

With having punched windows, This will allow the building to have more insulation. This will help regulate temperature a lot easier due to the spaces between the windows.


MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass fabricates this in our facility, our project managers design, fabricate and coordinate right to your site on your schedule. Only want 1 floor, no issues. Want 2 floors, why not? Since we fabricate both the aluminum and glass in our facility, you save a massive amount of time and money! Get your building closed faster, no freight costs and most of all the labour savings!

Thermally Fixed Broken Windows

Here’s a list of our available products:

Alumicor Rainblade 1900 Series

Alumicor Rainblade 1970 Series

Operable Aluminum Vents

Here’s a list of our available products:

Univent 1350 Series

Phantom Vent 5000 Series

Custom is our strength, custom doors fabricated in our shop. No waiting 6-8 weeks for a door, you can generally have it within a few weeks. MGM stocks aluminum in their shop, we know our customer need it in a timely manner, so we invest in the material to be on our shelves.

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