Architectural Glass Tempering

Tempered Glass is roughly 4 times stronger then float glass which makes it a very useful barrier for all glass demands and safety requirements. This glass process has increased significantly in all architecture glass needs and is used in many other industries across the world today. Tempered Glass is one of the few types of glass that can be used to meet regulations for glass panels in railings, doors and several other applications.

With the increasing demand for tempered glass, MGM Architectural Glass now tempers glass at our facility in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. Our 21,000 SQFT modern facility can cut, fabricate, and temper glass in a much greater reduced time then what has been experienced in Atlantic Canada for the past 60 years. There is no facility like this in Atlantic Canada.  No more waiting for tempered glass for any project, big or small. MGM Architectural Glass will be a very impactful business solution for many of the tempered glass projects in Atlantic Canada.

We provide tempered glass to multiple industries that demand tempered glass which includes commercial buildings, automotive, residential and signage, just to name a few.

MGM Architectural Glass supplies, tempers, distributes and installs. Our tempered glass products meet the requirements for application or safety needs.

Better quality, better timelines but most importantly better service to our clients.

Contact us today for your project needs. Along with our Architectural Aluminum we can offer a one stop shop to help our customers be more efficient, get their glass and aluminum quicker and together to save valuable time and increase profit without charging more.

Call us and we will show you the value of working with MGM Architectural Glass and Aluminum

MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass fabricates this in our facility, our project managers design, fabricate and coordinate right to your site on your schedule. Only want 1 floor, no issues. Want 2 floors, why not? Since we fabricate both the aluminum and glass in our facility, you save a massive amount of time and money! Get your building closed faster, no freight costs and most of all the labour savings!

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