Door sensors are very important for you, your staff and your customers to pass through safely and efficiently. Sensors work with the door’s control board inside the header at the top of your door. They have patterns or regulate space, once that space has detected a person the door will open and stay open if someone stops in the middle of the opening. On your swing doors or sliding doors you will have multiple sensors that will have to work together and it is very important to have a AAADM certified technician set up, install and program all of these sensors to work and function properly to protect anyone that is in the detection zones. Some sensors work on secured doors where you swipe or show your card I.D and then allow the door to open to grant access into another area. These are very important devices and should be considered as such and should be checked every time you have a technician working on your doors and at the very least checked once a year by an approved AAADM certified inspector and signs off with an inspection sticker with the technicians signature and their certified number.

MGM Automated doors only sends out AAADM certified Technicians, not all door companies certify all of their technicians, just ask to see their credentials, so you know they are certified to work on your doors. The technician is the one that should be certified, not the company you called.

MGM Automated Doors are there to make sure your doors are up to the provincial standards and use our software to show your doors are compliant and up to provincial and manufacturer’s standards. Call MGM Automated Doors for all of your service needs as we are the trained experts.