Architectural Glass Entry Systems

MGM Architectural Aluminum, Architectural Glass & Automated Entry Systems and MGM Architectural Aluminum will be welcoming their next phase which will change how Division 8 construction needs in Atlantic Canada moving forward is a state-of-the-art architectural glass tempering line. MGM will be able to offer commercial builders, GC’s, Architects, Property Managers, tempered glass needs. Curtain wall, entry systems, aluminum glass doors, windbreaks, balcony, showers any design, shape, thickness you can need conveniently in their own back yard.

That’s right, you can order you architectural aluminum and glazing at one location. No more waiting for glazing! ONE STOP SHOP, designed, fabricated, supplied and or installed. Atlantic Canada needs this, and MGM is going to change your timelines. No more excuses, no more inconveniences, no more extra costs that you endure because MGM has control of the materials in Atlantic Canada together. MGM will help keep your profit from shrinking, MGM will reduce the delays of the most sought-after building materials that can really affect your bottom line, your other subtrades and your building team stress.

This is a major game changer in Atlantic Canada, bring us your drawings and MGM will bring expertise, the materials, and the solutions for your build so your building team has more control and less delays.

MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass fabricates this in our facility, our project managers design, fabricate and coordinate right to your site on your schedule. Only want 1 floor, no issues. Want 2 floors, why not? Since we fabricate both the aluminum and glass in our facility, you save a massive amount of time and money! Get your building closed faster, no freight costs and most of all the labour savings!

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