Architectural Glass Solutions

Glass Materials

Solid Color

Solid Color

Add these highly durable and abrasian resistant vibrant colored glass to your building.

Transparent Solid Color

Just like the Solid Color glass, this one is transparent so you can enjoy the natural light!

Spandrel Glass Colors Offered

MGM Architectural Aluminum & Glass fabricates this in our facility, our project managers design, fabricate and coordinate right to your site on your schedule. Only want 1 floor, no issues. Want 2 floors, why not? Since we fabricate both the aluminum and glass in our facility, you save a massive amount of time and money! Get your building closed faster, no freight costs and most of all the labour savings!



Textured glass is made up of ridges and bumpiness to the touch. It is durable for interior and exterior use. Great way to add contrast to the building.

Partial Privacy

A great way to separate spaces without losing natural light and it is highly durable.



Add limitless designs to your glass to create contrast in your building. This is also a good way to create privacy in a creative way!



This simulated wood that is combined with glass is perfect for those seeking long lasting options for natural wood.

Rice Paper

An eligant look of rice paper glass are great for creating privacy and to elevate the building. Although they have a delicate appearance, they are highly durable and abrassion resistant. 


With achieving the authenitic beauty that stone brings, you can now enjoy it in glass form. It is perfectly low maintenance and incredibly durable.

Glass Marker Boards

Magnetic & Projectable

These opaque magnetic glass marker boards are perfect for multipurpose rooms. Don’t be afraid about spicing things up by adding a different color other than white! These glass marker boards are incredibly durable and abrasion resistant.



Add any graphics or designs to your glass and we will make it happen!

Bird-Friendly Glass

By providing a pattern to the exterior glazing, we can prevent bird casualties and keep the sky safe!

Glass Applications

Glass Wall Cladding

Glass Marker Boards

Glass Ceilings

Vision Glass

Glass Skylights & Canopies

Glass Railings

Glass Elevator Cabs

Glass Partitions & Doors

Glass Public Art

Glass Stairs & Flooring

Spandrel Glass

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