How Sliding Doors Can Upgrade Your Commercial Business

If your commercial business gets a lot of foot traffic, an automatic sliding door system is a smart investment. Here’s a look at the types of sliding doors available and how they can benefit your storefront.


Automatic sliding door systems come in three configurations:


1.      Single sliding doors. This system features a single glass door that slides open to one side.


2.      Bi-parting sliding doors. This system features two glass doors that stow on either side of the opening. When closed, the two doors can be locked together.


3.      Telescoping sliding doors. This system is the same as the bi-parting model, except that the doors fold up or stack together when open. Since they don’t take up any extra wall space when open, these doors are ideal for small openings.



There are several advantages to opting for a sliding door system on your commercial property, including:


●       Greater convenience

Automatic sliding doors allow customers and employees to come and go easily without having to manually open a heavy door. Since they can be used hands-free, an automatic system is particularly beneficial to customers who are carrying bags or pushing a cart or stroller.


●       Improved accessibility

Sliding doors certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) make your building accessible to people with limited mobility. This helps ensure your establishment is an inclusive environment that meets the accessibility requirements in your region.


●       Smoother circulation

A manual door can lead to congestion, especially during peak hours, as customers try to get around each other to enter and leave your establishment. An automatic sliding door allows two-way traffic to flow easily.


●       Better sanitation

Manual doors are highly touched surfaces that can transmit viruses. Automatic sliding doors promote a hygienic environment and reassure your clientele that they can shop safely at your establishment.


●       Enhanced safety

An automatic sliding door allows employees and customers to exit the building more easily in the event of an emergency. Moreover, automatic sliding doors have reliable safety features that prevent the door from closing if something enters its path.


●       Robust security

Automatic sliding doors are made of strong, shatterproof safety glass. Additionally, they can be locked outside of business hours and equipped with extra security features.



MGM Automated Doors installs top-of-the-line sliding doors in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Our automatic door systems are robust, secure and AAADM-certified. Contact us today for more information about our products as well as our door installation and repair services.


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