Touchless Entry and Automated Doors

With COVID-19 on many peoples’ minds, it’s no surprise that touchless entry is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you operate a retail business or a commercial building with multiple tenants, automated doors could be a great investment. Here’s everything you should know.

The advantages of automated doors

Automated doors offer many benefits. Some of the most important include:

  • Better hygiene. In a world where concerns around COVID-19 and future pandemics are likely to linger, a touchless entry system could become a must-have for commercial buildings. Automated doors reduce the risk for surface transmission.
  • Better accessibility and less traffic. Automated doors can help make your premises more accessible while reducing crowding. This is crucial in an era where allowances for social distancing need to be made. In addition, increasing accessibility reduces the risk of running afoul of changing health regulations and building codes.
  • Better image. Installing automated doors shows people that you take the health of your staff and any visitors to your premises seriously. Plus, choosing the right automated door system can increase the curb appeal of your property.

The bottom line is that choosing the right automated entry system is the best way to be prepared for the realities of a post-COVID world.

Which type of door to choose

As one of the top door automation companies in Nova Scotia, MGM Automated Doors can provide a wide range of entry systems, including:

  • Sliding doors. Commonly used for two-way traffic applications, but also suitable for directional traffic applications, sliding doors are fairly common. This is because they’re a very versatile system that can be installed and configured properly almost anywhere.
  • Swing doors. These are typically used for directional traffic and areas with narrow passages. Since they have to swing open, however, they’re not the best choice when the space in front of or behind the door is limited.
  • Accessible entries. We also carry systems that’ll help you ensure your business is accessible to everyone. In addition, our technicians can make sure your new entry conforms to provincial regulations.

We also carry a range of motion sensors, including wave sensors and access control systems such as card I.D.-based sensors that can be retrofitted to any existing industrial, dock or pedestrian door.

Your source for automated entry systems in Nova Scotia

Whether you’re looking to replace a sensor or to overhaul your building’s access systems, you can rely on MGM Automated Door’s expertise. We’re the only distributor of Stanley access technologies in Nova Scotia and have a reputation for providing outstanding service. Contact MGM Automated Doors today to find out more or to get a quote.


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