A Brief Guide To Automated Door Systems

If you own a retail business or other property that gets a lot of foot traffic, an automated door system is a major asset. Here’s a look at the benefits of this system and the options available for your business.



Automated door systems are convenient, and they allow customers and employees to circulate more efficiently than regular doors. This type of system also makes the building more accessible to people with limited mobility.

Additionally, since automated door systems use sensors to open the doors, they allow people to avoid touching surfaces that can easily spread germs. Here are the three main types of automated door systems you can install on your property:

1.    Sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors are ideal for entrances and exits that need to accommodate two-way traffic. They allow ample space for people to circulate, and they slide open and closed quickly and safely to keep pedestrian traffic moving.

Sliding doors are available in three configurations:

●      Single slide doors, which feature a single glass door that opens to one side

●      Bi-parting doors, which consist of two sections that open on either side of the door

●      Telescoping doors, which are bi-parting doors that fold or stack together on either side of the door to make better use of limited space

Automatic sliding doors are also equipped with a “breakout” feature that allows them to be pushed open in an emergency. A benefit of sliding doors is that they require minimum interior and exterior clearance.

2.    Swing doors

Automatic swing doors are commonly installed in pairs, so one door can swing inward while the other swings outward. This configuration easily accommodates two-way traffic. Moreover, a pair of automatic swing doors creates a distinct entrance and exit, which is an effective way to guide foot traffic in and out of a busy establishment.

Swing door systems include guide rails to ensure the door doesn’t strike a pedestrian when it opens. Automatic swing doors also include an egress feature, which allows them to be opened manually in an emergency. Since swing doors don’t require as much space as sliding doors, they’re a practical option for smaller door openings.

3.    Disability doors

To ensure your business is inclusive and accessible to everyone, make sure to choose automatic sliding or swing doors certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM). This will make your business more welcoming to people with limited mobility and help you avoid liability issues.


If you want a secure, reliable and well-constructed automatic door system, trust the team at MGM Automated Doors. We install and service sliding doors, swing doors and disability entries in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Contact us today for more information.


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